A Guide to Singer Geyser 2021

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A Guide to Singer Geyser 2021

The Singer brand opened up its doors in the Indian Shores in 1977 and constructed its headquarters in New Delhi. For a long time, Singer had been famous for their sewing machine.

The company only started manufacturing other product ranges after establishing itself in India successfully. Presently, the Singer brand manufactures personal care, home, and kitchen appliances for the millions of consumers who trust and rely on their products to make their lives easier.

Consumers have widely accepted Singer geysers in the Indian community, the main reason being the availability of geysers ranging from as low as Rs.2200 to RS.9500.

The most popular Singer geysers are the 3L instant models. The brand manufactures all types of geysers, i.e., instant, storage, tankless, and geysers.

All these geysers come with unique features which makes the Singer brand to be well sought after by thousands of users, even on online platforms. Before you purchase one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

Key Features/ Technologies Of Geysers From Singer

  • Stainless Steel Tanks and ABS Body Covers

Singer geysers come with stainless steel materials, which play crucial roles in averting rusting; this ensures that users get rust-free water, and the geysers last for longer periods since rust damages them within a short time.

Geysers by Singer also have an ABS body covering, which protects users from shock when taking their bath. These bodies come in different exotic designs that add class and beauty to your modern bathrooms.

  • In-Built Pressure Release Valves

Singer geysers come with pressure release valves that allow water to flow when pressure exceeds safe limits, which makes them suitable for installation in high-rise apartments.

Indicator Lights

Singer geysers come with indicator lights that display the cut-off or heating status- you get to know that your water is hot from looking at the indicator lights.

  • Instant Hot Water Production

For the Instant geysers by Singer, they produce water instantly after turning them on. The instant geysers with capacities of 1L cater to many hot water requirements in the households effectively; you can get hot water in your bathroom and kitchen at the same time.

  • Adjustable Temperature Timers and Temperature Knobs

Singer geysers come with automatic functions for shutting off when temperatures go beyond safe limits; these features are the thermal cut-outs and thermostats which shut off the power supply to the geysers when temperatures rise beyond safe limits.

  • Purchase, Installation, and Geyser Maintenance Costs

Singer geysers come at pocket–friendly prices, you can get geysers for as little as Rs.2200, which accommodates consumers who can’t afford expensive geysers, yet they need hot water, especially for the Winter climate in India.

These geysers come with manuals and installation kits, which makes the installation process manageable and hassle-free; they come with manuals that give clear outlines on the steps to follow when installing your geysers.

The maintenance costs of Singer geysers are relatively low since they come with a manufacturers’ warranty for up to 2 years after purchase.

Here is the Review of the Top 5 Best Singer Geysers

1. Singer Vesta Plus 25 Ltr Storage Water Heater Review

Starting in 1851 The Singer sewing company has been around for 176 years. Singer India Pvt ltd came into being in 1977 has had the trust of Indians ever since. It has a very diverse range of home appliances besides sewing machines now.

Their set of water heaters are new with the latest technology. They are made with high precision and safety. The Singer Vesta Plus Water Heater is one of their best appliances. It is secure and built with excellent quality materials. It is efficient and reliable.


  • Capacity

The singer vesta may look small with its 57*40 cm body but has an astonishingly large heating capacity. It can simultaneously heat and store about  25 liters of water in one go. Thus, making this the perfect choice for a large family where warm water cannot be compromised.

  • Power

The singer vesta works best at 2000 Watts of electricity. The water in this heater gets heated at a rapid rate. As it features an 8 bar pressure rating.

  • Body

The singer has its products crafted with the best materials possible. The singer vesta uses a stainless steel outer body. Whereas the inner tank is made from a high-quality Glass Line Tank. It has Non-Corrosive Shock Proof ABS Outer Body and Vitreous Enamel Coating Tank

  • Safety

The safety of the water heater is an essential factor. The vesta plus doesn’t lay back on the protection. It is powered with Thermal Cut-Out. It has a  High Density (PUF) Insulation. The  Thermostat is secured with High Precision. It has long life ISI marked Nickle Plated Heating Element.

What Do We like

  • Energy efficient

The singer vesta plus is high on the energy-saving principle. It has a 5 Star Energy Rating.

  • Security

With ISI mark approval, the vesta plus is a very secure water heater model. It has special provisions to ensure product security. The features include a Thermal Cut-Out, High Density (PUF) Insulation, and a  High Precision Thermostat.

  • Easy access

The product is straightforward to use and has deficient maintenance. It has easy access, and no unnecessary hassles are required.

What We Don’t Like

  • No pipes

The product has an inlet, outlet valve but no pipelines attached to it. Fitted pipes have to be bought and manually connected post-purchase.


Singer Vesta Plus Water Heater is efficient, energy-saving, and eloquent. It will heat water quickly. It is made with perfect and smart technology that looks out for safety. The heating capacity is impressive. It is a product worth the price and will fulfill the requirements in the long run.

2. Singer Aqua Calda DX Storage Water Heater Review

Aqua Calda DX, 2000 Watts Water Heater by singer, has a capacity of 25 liters everyone can enjoy this luxury of having a warm bath. This water heater has a fantastic design with advanced technical features.

It does not consume much electricity and can be installed in any corner of your bathroom. It has a glass line water tank and PUF insulation, which makes it highly durable. It has a temperature control knob so that you can set the temperature which you want.


  • Glass Line Water Tank

This water heater has a glass line water tank and heating element with a heavy-duty magnesium anode rod, which prevents the water tank and the heating element from corrosion, which ensures longer life and guarantees the durability of the product.

  • CFC Free PUF Insulation

Aqua Calda comes with CFC-free PUF insulation, which traps the heat inside the tank, and heat is not allowed to go out, which ensures water will remain hot for a longer duration, which helps to save electricity. As it is CFC-free, it avoids health risks due to polluted water.

  • BEE 5 Star Rating

This water heater has a 5-star rating due to which it is energy efficient and does not consume too much electricity. So, you need not worry about electricity consumption.

  • Multiple Convenience and Safety Features

This water heater comes with numerous convenience and safety features like Multi-function Valve, Temperature Control Knob, High Precision Thermostat, and Thermal Cutout, which makes it perfect for use for any family.

What Do We like

  • Energy Efficient

This Aqua Calda Water Heater is energy efficient as it does not consume too much electricity, and it is rated five stars by BEE. So, there is no worry about a huge electricity bill. 

  • Suitable for High-Rise Buildings

It is ideal for high-rise buildings as it can withstand extreme pressure head up to the ground, for 8 bars, or 18 floors, or 270 meters.

  • Storage Capacity

It has a huge 25L storage capacity, which provides the facility for storing the water for further prolonged use.

  • Resistance to Corrosion

The water tank is made of glass line material, which prevents corrosion and ensures durability.

  • Temperature Control Knob

It has a temperature control knob which will let you adjust the temperature of the water heater as per your need.

What We Don’t Like

  • No significant cons were found in this product.


Aqua Calda DX 2000 Watt Water Heater is the best option for your family. It has a huge storage capacity of 25L, which is ideal for prolonged use. Its water tank is made of glass line material, which prevents the tank from corrosion.

CFC-free PUF insulation helps to save electricity and avoids health risks due to polluted water. It is energy efficient with a 5-star BEE rating.

3. Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater Review

The singer started as a sewing machine company and has been around since 1851. The singer started the Singer India Pvt ltd in 1977. They now have a vast range of home appliances to choose from.

Singer India has an excellent range of water heaters. They are made of the best quality. The heaters are of the latest and smartest technology like the Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater. The heater is made of the supreme Singer technology and is an excellent pick as a water heater.


  • Capacity                

The Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater has a 15 liters water heating and storing capacity. It is enough to keep warm water flowing through for a long time, so you can enjoy it without interruptions.

  • Power Requirements

The Singer war mega needs 2000 watts to function the best of its capability. It has a  3.5 Bar Pressure Rating. It is equipped with the best of Singer’s technology.

  • Body material

The main body is made up of Stainless steel material. It has a CRCA, Powder Coated Body. This makes the entire water heater  Corrosion Proof.

  • Security

The water heater has many inbuilt systems that make the product very safe and secure. It is powered with a Two U Heating elements. It has Thermal Cut Out and a  Pressure Release Valve. It also has an ISI Approval mark. It has High-Density (PUF) Insulation and a High Precision Thermostat.

What Do We like

  • Energy conserving

Singer believes in energy conservation. Hence its water heaters are built in a way to save maximum possible electricity. The singer war megamega hashas an Energy-Efficient Insulation to support the maintenance.

  • Easy to use

The entire process of water heating is simple. It will only require one touch to give the perfect temperature. No additional settings or valves have to be adjusted to access the product for daily use.

What We Don’t Like

  • Installation kit

The singer’s war mega has an inlet and outlet at its bottom.  But they do not have a pipe attached to it. The fixable pipes have to be bought separately to initiate the heating

  • Pressure-bar 

It has a 3.5 bar pressure rating, which means it can not be used in high-raised buildings.


The Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater has the best of the technology. It is simple, convenient, and accessible. It has a very safe, secure, corrosion-proof built. It has optimum power requirements.

It has the trust of Singer India and its vast consumer base. It is a trustworthy product that is sure not to disappoint its users in the long run. The Singer Warmega is worth all its price.

4. Singer Fonta Instant Water Heater Review


Well,  gone are the days when you had to struggle hard enough to boil water,  these days,  all you need to do is,  switch on a button and you will get your required quantity of water at the place you wish for,  also at the very time, you yearn for the same.  Creating its way through the improving technologies,  here’s to another wonderful, “Singer Fonta Instant Water Heater”.The water heater, along with its outstanding physical outlook, its other features might get one into buying it.


  • Physical Outlook

It has a very stylish and classy appearance that can add up to the beauty of your place.

  • Thermal cut-out

The products support the thermal cut-off feature, that is, it gets switched off as soon as the required temperature is reached.

  • Capacity

It has a promising stainless steel tank of about 1 Litre that supplies the instantly required hot water.

What Do We like

  • Indicator Light

It has an indicator light, which serves as a medium for the user to understand when the water is ready, thereby making their life easier.

  • Glass Wool insulation

It provides for a Glass Wool insulation that keeps one safe due to its high thermal insulation properties,  preventing the tank from getting damaged due to high temperatures, hence increasing the durability of the product.

  • Heating Element

The nickel-plated heating element increases the efficiency of the product due to nickel’s chemically inert nature.

What We Don’t Like

  • Capacity

It has a small storage tank i.e., 1 Litre, making it difficult for people who bathe continuously mega has for long hours and with a sufficiently large quality of water.


The company has always been up to the expectations of the customers and with the introduction of such an exceptionally highly efficient and cost-effective device, it has made a step forward towards the market. It offers certain perks with the ever-ready helpline numbers and the warranty periods to tackle the issues of the customers regarding the product, thus making it extremely reliable.

  1. Singer Aqua Jwala Gas Geyser Review

Singer water heaters were always a reliable product. They are of good quality, last longer, and are pocket-friendly. They try to provide as many features possible into the water heater in a very less price range, so it’s affordable for most people.

This Gas heater’s capacity is 6 liter. With its instant heating, you don’t have to wait anymore. The adjustable knobs on the geyser are very useful and come in handy. And as it is a gas heater, safety is its top priority.


  • Gas Heater

This Singer Aqua Jwala is a Gas heater. You don’t need any kind of electricity to run this water heater. No more electric bills for this product. All you need is an LPG Cylinder to turn on this geyser.

  • Copper Heat Exchanger

This geyser comes with a 1kg Copper Heat Exchanger. It is compelling and helps heat the water very quickly. It is very long-lasting and won’t bother you in a more extended period of usage.

  • Adjustable Knob

This water heater has quite a few adjustable knobs. This knob lets you control the weather type, so the water will be heated according to that, giving you full comfort. They will allow you to control the LPG gas, as in how quick you want to heat the water. And as well as you will be able to control the Water.

What Do We like

  • Safety

A gas heater always comes with many safety features. This one is no exception, either. It will cut the gas flow if the temperature of the water exceeds the maximum limit, so your skin doesn’t get burned. Apart from this, it also has a flame failure safety feature.

  • Instant Heating

The robust Copper Heat Exchanger makes the heater able to heat the water instantly. The 6 liters of water can be heated within 3-5 mins max. No more waiting around for hot water. You just turn it on, and within a few mins, it’s done.

  • Tank

The inner tank of this water heater is made of Stainless Steel. It is made to be durable and lasts long. It is corrosion-free and heat resistant. The longevity of this inner tank is amazing.

What We Don’t Like

  • There weren’t many of any cons except for the fact that the warranty is for only one year of the product and two years on the inner tank. This could be a little more.


The price range of this Gas water heater is very low and affordable. It comes with many features at this low price range. Capacity is quite decent for small families. You can also use it in your kitchen. This product deserves to be tried on.

List of Top 3 SInger Geyser for 2021

Geyser is a common household appliance in every Indian household. For winters, you can plan on getting the latest Singer geyser for your home with better heating efficiency, less time-consuming, and energy-efficient. The new Singer geyser model is available in the Gas or Electric variant, and depending upon the Singer geyser price list, you can choose the one best fits your budget and requirement. We have prepared a list of Singer geysers prices in India to help you shortlist according to the price range which is recently launched in 2021 in the market.

1. Singer 3L Instant Geyser (Fonta 3 Ltr)


Singer 3L Instant Geyser (Fonta 3 Ltr) Brief Description

Singer 3L Instant Geyser (Fonta 3 Ltr) offers superior benefits and safety features. It has a capacity of 3L. It is equipped with a wide range of innovative features, which allow you to take a warm shower and refresh yourself. It consumes 3000W power. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. In the box, you will get the Main Unit.

Singer 3L Instant Geyser (Fonta 3 Ltr) Specs

Basic InformationBrandSinger
TypeInstant Geyser
Powered SourceElectricity
Power FeaturesPower Consumption3000W

Other Features
In Sales PackageMain Unit
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

2. Singer 6L Instant Geyser (Aqua Jwala)

Singer 6L Instant Geyser (Aqua Jwala) Brief Description

Singer 6L Instant Geyser (Aqua Jwala) offers superior benefits and safety features. It has a capacity of 6L. It is equipped with a wide range of innovative features, which allow you to take a warm shower and refresh yourself. It comes with a 1-year domestic warranty.

Singer 6L Instant Geyser (Aqua Jwala) Specs

Basic InformationBrandSinger
Product CodeLARSINGER-6-LTRCLIC449903463AA2D
TypeInstant Geyser
Powered SourceGas
Power FeaturesPower Consumption3000W

Other Features
In Sales PackageMain Unit
Warranty1 Year Domestic Warranty

3. Singer 1L Instant Geyser (Fonta Instant Water Heater)

Singer 1L Instant Geyser (Fonta Instant Water Heater) Brief Description

Singer 1L Instant Geyser (Fonta Instant Water Heater) offers superior benefits and safety features. It has a capacity of 1L. It is equipped with a wide range of innovative features, which allow you to take a warm shower and refresh yourself. It consumes 3000W power. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. In the box, you will get the Main Unit.

Singer 1L Instant Geyser (Fonta Instant Water Heater) Specs

Basic InformationBrandSinger
Product CodeLARSINGER-FONTACLIC4499043484523
TypeInstant Geyser
Powered SourceElectricity
Power FeaturesPower Consumption3000W

Other Features
In Sales PackageMain Unit
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


The Singer brand has become very popular with water heaters, mainly because of the different capacities and prices that each geyser model comes with. Because they have many years of experience manufacturing geysers, Singer is always committed to making it possible for their users to be more comfortable and to get value for their money.

Singers’ main aim is to create products that inspire; they haven’t failed on this in regards to geysers.

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