Cleveland CycleWerks Bikes‌ ‌to‌ ‌Choose‌ ‌||‌ Specifications,‌ ‌Features,‌ ‌And‌ ‌Summary

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Best‌ Cleveland CycleWerks Bikes‌ ‌to‌ ‌Choose‌
  1. Cleveland CycleWerks MISFIT

After its official debut in India Auto Expo 2018, Cleveland CycleWerks is set to launch four of its motorcycles, the Ace Café 250, Ace Scrambler 250, Ace Deluxe 250, and the Misfit, this October. Speaking of the Misfit, It’s touted as a sporty commuter with low seat height, chiseled fuel tank, blacked-out parts with bright paintwork, gold finish upside-down forks, and a removable seat cowl.

Cleveland CycleWerks MISFIT Specifications

The twin-pod instrument console houses an analog speedometer and tachometer. The Misfit 250 is powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled 229cc mill that does duty on the Ace. It produces 15.4PS at 7,000rpm and 16Nm of peak torque at 6,000rpm. The Misfit weighs 145Kg, 9kg more than Ace’s 136Kg. Claimed top speed at 110Kmph is similar to the Ace. 

Cleveland CycleWerks MISFIT Features

On the suspension front, it gets 38mm upside-down front forks and dual chrome shock absorbers at the rear. Braking is via a 315mm front disc and a 220mm rear disc brake. The Misfit will come to India via the CKD route and the expected price is in the range of INR 2 to 2.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

Much like the Ace Deluxe, the Cleveland Misfit is also a retro-themed motorcycle complete with the round headlamp, gold-painted forks, spoked wheels, lowered handlebar, and twin-pod instrument console. The console itself is a simplistic unit housing an analog speedometer and tachometer.

Cleveland CycleWerks MISFIT Variants

Power on the Misfit comes from the same 229 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled motor that also does duty on the Ace Deluxe. The engine is tuned to produce 15 bhp at 7,000 rpm and 16 Nm of peak torque at 6,000 rpm. The power mill is paired with a 5-speed transmission. The Misfit weighs 145 kg, which is nine kilos more than the Ace, while the top speed is a claimed 110 kmph. Braking power comes from the 315 mm disc at the front and a 220 mm disc brake at the rear. ABS is currently not on offer on the motorcycle.

The Cleveland Misfit comes to India as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) unit and is locally assembled at the company’s domestic facility. Prices for the Misfit start at Rs. 2.49 lakh (ex-showroom), which means there is no direct competition for the offering.

Cleveland CycleWerks MISFIT Summary

Engine229 CC
Mileage30 Kmpl
Seat Height760 mm
Starting MechanismElectric Start
Max Torque16 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Max Power15.00 bhp @ 7000 rpm
No of Gears5 Gears
Kerb Weight133 Kg
Emission TypeBS6

Pros And Cons of Cleveland CycleWerks MISFIT

Pros of Cleveland CycleWerks MISFITEasy to manage due to lightweight.

Gets modern features

Comes at an affordable price
Cons of Cleveland CycleWerks MISFITLong battery charging time

Top speed is limited to 25kmph.
  1. Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Standard

After its official debut in India Auto Expo 2018, Cleveland CycleWerks is set to launch four of its motorcycles, the Ace Café 250, Ace Scrambler 250, Ace Deluxe 250, and the Misfit, this October. The Ace is a classic commuter motorcycle with a low seat height. Upfront, it gets around chrome headlamp, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and raised fenders. There is an analog single-pod instrument console displaying essential information. 

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Standard Specifications

Mid-set footpegs and the raised handlebar make it for an upright riding position. With a flat, cross-stitched brown seat, the Ace looks like a complete retro bike with a modern touch. Power is courtesy of a single-cylinder, air-cooled 229cc powerplant that produces 15.4PS at 7,000rpm and 16Nm of peak torque at 6,000rpm. Cleveland CycleWerks claims a top speed of 110Kmph. 

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Standard Features

Chassis consists of a single downtube frame linked to upside-down front forks and dual shock absorbers at the rear. Braking duties are handled by a 300mm single front disc and rear drum brake. The dual-purpose tyres should be capable of handling the rough stuff as well. Cleveland CycleWerks will be getting its bikes to India via the CKD route and the expected price would be between Rs 2 to 2.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Standard Variants

While this might sound low-tech, it also offers upside-down front forks and a disc brake at both ends. Instrumentation follows the retro look, with twin-pod all-analog chrome pods housing a speedo, tacho, and odo. The styling is straight from the 70s, with all its charm. Think flat seat, round chromed mirrors, etc. There is one nod to modernism, though – the hazard lamp switch. CCW has decided to price the Ace at Rs 2.23 lakh, ex-showroom, which means there is no real competition to this product in the Indian market.

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Standard Summary

Engine229 CC
Mileage33.98 Kmpl
Engine TypeAir-cooled, Single-Cylinder, OHV
No of Cylinders1
Max Torque16 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Max Power15.6 PS @ 7000 rpm
Gear Box5 Speed
Front BrakeDisc
Emission TypeBS6
  1. Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Scrambler

The Cleveland Ace Scrambler features a more upright seating position with tall-set handlebars. The motorcycle comes with standard telescopic front suspension, knobby tyres, and rubber pads on the fuel tank for enhanced grip and control. The seats also come with a ribbed design, further enhancing the retro-look of the motorcycle.

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Scrambler Specifications

Adopting a design styling that finds a balance between retro and urban, the Ace Scrambler, from afar, is a good-looking motorcycle. You do get a feel of the scrambler heritage that harks back to classic styling elements like the rounded fuel tanks with knee pads, low seat height, round head­lights, and classic muffler.

However, on closer inspection, you realize that the Ace Scrambler is not going to be winning any awards for quality build. The fit and finish are adequate at best. Sit on the saddle and the first thing that sticks out like sore thumbs are the shoddy dual dials. It appears that the designers at Cleveland CycleWerks slipped a painted visiting card in place of the speedo dials and forgot to replace it before the motorcycles were rolled out for sales.

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Scrambler Features

If you want to get into the retro-urban feel, you can opt to kick-start the 229cc OHV single-cylinder engine into life. You may not get a thundering rumble but you do get a decent enough noise to get things rolling. Clunk it into gear and it’ll bring all 15 horses in the engine to life, spurred on by 16Nm of torque. While you might not be clocking any lap records in the Ace Scrambler it is a fairly spirited motorcycle.

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Scrambler Variants

The Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Scrambler is a head turner and will get you noticed on the roads. For young guns who want to get started on a motorcycle that looks good and will get you from one place to another, this machine gets the job done. We are certain fresh grad­uates looking to go abroad would find this a good mode of transport until they leave.

Cleveland CycleWerks ACE Scrambler Summary

Engine229 CC
Mileage33.98 Kmpl
Engine TypeSingle-cylinder, air-cooled
ClutchWell, multi-plate type
Max Torque16Nm @ 6,000 rpm
Max Power15.4PS @ 7,000 rpm
Transmissionconstant mesh, five-speed
Emission TypeBS6
  1. Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon

The Falcon will come in two versions: the Falcon 01 and the Falcon BLK (Founders Edition). The models can be slotted into the bike and emoped category, with top speeds of 28 mph for the Falcon 01, as well as operating as a motorcycle with top speeds of 85 mph. Of course, how you register it will decide its capability. It also depends on your state’s laws (which can vary widely for e-bikes and mopeds, and are always changing).

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon Specifications

The Falcon BLK will be first off the line and will cost $15,000. It’ll be hand-built and limited to just 20 units—because Colosimo says CCW has never done bikes in the US before and it wants to get it right. The plan then is to build 60 units of the Falcon 01, then go into full-scale production. The first 80 bikes, says Colosimo, will all be hand-built in Cleveland, to allow them to get the US supply chain smoothed out, and get manufacturing timing down. Then the hope is to ramp up production and get the cost down in the next one to two years to $5,000.

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon Features

The Falcon BLK rides on a short 48-inch wheelbase with a pair of 17-inch aluminum wheels on either end. There are two swappable battery packs, for a 100-mile range. The fork is a standard non-adjustable inverted unit, but the rear coil shock is fully adjustable. Power is dispensed via an air-cooled radial flux motor ranging from 750W to a 13kWh peak, though that can be limited depending on the settings: Ebike Class 2 is limited at 20 mph, emoped is limited to 27 mph, and emotorcycle can go 65 mph and higher, with a special boost-like Angry Pixy mode doling out some serious grunt (Colosimo likens it to electric nitrous). 

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon Variants

An integrated LCD has smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, and the braking system, for now, is a basic single-disc, two-piston arrangement, though CCW says future bikes will offer a futuristic Hemispherical Brake (with tool-free pad changes) setup thanks to a partnership with Sphere. There’s currently a programmable regen function onboard as well.

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon Summary

MotorMotenergy air-cooled radial flux, 13kWh (peak)
Battery48.8 volts, Samsung 2.3kWh (1 cell) / 4.6kWh (2 cells)
Transmission/Final DriveClutchless, direct drive/chain
Claimed Horsepower750–1,500W / 13kW (17.5 hp) Limited
Claimed TorqueGoverned by law / 29 lb.-ft. (shaft)
Top Speed20 mph Class 2 e-bike, 27 mph emoped / 85 mph e-bike, emoped, emotorcycle
Range50 miles / 100 miles (Power mode)
Frame6061 aluminum, extruded, forged, and CNC jointed and welded
  1. Cleveland CycleWerks FXX

The FXx takes our love for simplicity, minimalism, and lightweight into a more modern direction. If you reduce a motorcycle to its essential components, you are left with the FXx.

Cleveland CycleWerks FXX Specifications

Built with 21-21″ wheels and weighing under 75kg, the FXx is a hybrid between a bicycle, trials bike, and MX bike. The agility of a jump bike with the power of a single. YEAH!

Cleveland CycleWerks FXX Features

The bike is skinny, the frame is the gas tank, and the ground clearance is extreme. It does well on single, tight trails and it climbs well with plenty of torque from the single. A unique product from a unique company.

Cleveland CycleWerks FXX Variants

The CCW FXx is an affordable, 4 speed, dirt bike for any collection; a valid off-road option for beginner or pro. Bearing its twin 21″ wheels, the bike is the most unique off-road product in the US market.

Cleveland CycleWerks FXX Summary

Engine125cc, 4-Stroke, Electric / Kick Start
Shift LeverSteel
Kick StarterSteel
Carb22 mm
Spark PlugNGK
Air FilterFoam Style / Sponge
ForkNon-Adjustable T7 Series
HandlebarSteel Handle Bar
  1. Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligun

CCW’s Hooligan represents a relationship with one of our strongest JV partners. 4+ years in the making, thousands of hours of testing. Factory riders and customers have been racing to validate this model for several years. It is finally ready for CCW to release it under our brand with the improvements and lessons learned through the last several years. This model was not originated by CCW, but we have been brought on board to ensure the bike would live up to our standards, with constant improvement over the last several years.

Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligan Specifications

The CCW Hooligan is the biggest engine capacity bike in the company’s lineup as it draws power from a 449 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine capable of kicking out 43.5 hp of peak power at 7,000 rpm and 42.5 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. This 120 kg weighing bike comes equipped with 240 mm front and rear disc brakes. This bike is available in two variants, R and X with the latter being an off-roader.

Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligun Features

The Ohio-based motorcycle company will compete against entry-level Royal Enfield models along with UM and was founded by three Americans Scott Colosimo, Jarrod Streng, and Curtis Ray back in 2009. CCW imports components from China and sells its products in many countries worldwide and has endured tremendous success in recent years.

Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligun Variants

It is aiming to exploit the vast potential in the entry-level premium bike segments in India and its portfolio suits space well as they range between 125-450 cc with single-cylinder engines. Pricing will be key for its popularity and along with a good marketing campaign, it can reach good heights we reckon!

Cleveland CycleWerks Hooligan Summary

Configuration43.5 HP
Motor450 CC
Seat Height37.8 IN
Carb Weight265 LB
Ground Clearance13.0 IN
Wheelbase59.1 N
Output Shaft Torque31.4 FT-LB
Starting SystemElectric and Kick

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