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Best‌ KTM Bikes‌ ‌to‌ ‌Choose‌
  1. KTM 390 DUKE 2019

Leaked patent photos show that radar cruise control could be fitted with the 2021 KTM 390 Duke. In the span of a month, the streetfighter got its second price boost. Now priced at Rs 2,70,554 (ex-showroom Delhi), the 390 Duke is Rs 13,628 more expensive than its BS4 avatar. You get new colours and a bi-directional fast shifter for the extra moolah.

KTM 390 Duke 2019 Specifications

The 390 Duke is powered by the 373.3cc DOHC single-cylinder liquid-cooled mill that we have fallen in love with over the past 7 years. Performance has been maintained at 45PS and 37Nm after meeting BS6 requirements, and the motor continues to feature ride-by-wire. It is mated via a slipper clutch to a 6-speed gearbox. A trademark steel trellis structure ties the 390 Duke together, as most KTMs. But although there was a single-piece frame on the first-gen bike, the models from 2017 onwards have a mainframe and a bolt-on rear subframe. This makes it cheaper and quicker to fix unintended injury. The frame is suspended on a USD fork and preload-adjustable monoshock, both from WP, and stopping power comes from a 320mm/230mm disc brake combo assisted by dual-channel ABS. At 149kg dry, it continues to weigh exactly the same as its BS4 counterpart.

KTM 390 Duke 2019 Features

The 2019 redesign has carried a whole host of new characteristics with it. Now the lighting is LED all over, and the bike is fitted with a TFT colour display. There is standard Bluetooth integration, and the bike still sports dual-channel ABS and a slipper clutch as before. A bi-directional fast shifter offered as a standard is new for the BS6 version.

KTM 390 Duke 2019 Variants

In 2017, when it was endowed with the SuperDuke language of architecture, the 390 Duke underwent a significant overhaul. This means that the deliberate LED headlight and long tank extensions characterise an offensive, angular and edgy look. Thanks to its smooth, wide handlebars, the bike also features a purposeful streetfighter stance and the white bolt-on rear sub-frame provides some contrast to the style.

KTM 390 Duke 2019 Summary

Engine373 CC
No of Cylinders01
ColoursWhite Black Grey Black
Max Power43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Max Torque37 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Seat Height830 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM 390 Duke 2019

Pros of KTM 390 Duke 2019Sharp handling.

Gets TFT screen with smartphone compatibility.

Aggressive styling makes it stand out.
Cons of KTM 390 Duke 2019Poor NVH levels.

Stiff ride quality.
  1. KTM 250 DUKE 2020

The price of the 250 Duke, which was recently upgraded with LED headlights, was raised by KTM. This essentially takes the price up to Rs 2,17,402, a Rs 3,192 improvement over the previous request price. KTM released the BS6 250 Duke at the end of January, lending a wider front disc, an open cartridge fork and Supermoto ABS mode to the quarter-litre Duke.

KTM 250 Duke 2020 Specifications

We are pleased to report that in the search for cleaner emissions, the single-cylinder 248.8cc liquid-cooled DOHC motor has not lost any output. At 9000rpm and 24Nm at 7500rpm, you still get the same 29.91PS as before. The motor is coupled via a slipper clutch to a 6-speed gearbox. The motor now exhales into an extra catalytic converter to help it reach BS6 norms. It has also updated the ECU charts. A KTM signature steel-trellis frame ties it together. To make unintended injury repair simpler, the rear sub-frame is a bolt-on style. It is suspended on a monoshock upside-down fork and preload-adjustable, all from WP. A 300mm/230mm disc brake combo handles stopping duties. Standard and non-switchable are dual-channel ABS. Unlike the smaller units used on earlier Dukes, the 250 Duke gets a decent 13-liter fuel-tank, and it’s around 4kg heavier than before at 150kg dry.

KTM 250 Duke 2020 Features

You get fully digital LCD instrumentation in terms of features on the 250 Duke, which also shows you stuff like distance-to-empty, real-time fuel consumption, and average rpm, in addition to all the regular information. The tail lamp and turn indicators are LED units, and a dual-channel ABS provides protection.

KTM 250 Duke 2020 Variants

Up until recently, if you couldn’t afford a 390 Duke, if you needed anything that imitated the design language of the Super Duke, the 250 Duke was the only bike available. The same butch streetfighter looks are kept for 2020 with a full-LED headlight and some different paint schemes that make the bike significant.

KTM 250 Duke 2020 Summary

Engine248 CC
ColoursSilver Orange
Max Power29.6 bhp @ 9,000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque24 Nm @ 7,500 rpm
Seat Height830 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM 250 Duke 2020

Pros of KTM 250 Duke 2020Equipped with a responsive 250cc engine.

Gets an exhaustive instrument cluster.

Quite cheap to maintain.
Cons of KTM 250 Duke 2020Doesn’t get TFT cluster.

Fuel efficiency is less.
  1. KTM 200 DUKE 2020

For the second time since December 2020, KTM has raised the prices of its BS6 versions. Now the 200 Duke is retailing at Rs 181,5366 (ex-showroom Delhi). The new asking price is Rs 2,576 higher than the previous BS6 price, and now the bike is Rs 17,168 higher than its BS4 equivalent.

KTM 200 Duke 2020 Specifications

Control comes from a DOHC, 4-valve engine, liquid-cooled and fuel-injected 199cc. At 10,000rpm and 19.2Nm at 8000rpm, the BS6-compliant motor has no decrease in output and proceeds to produce the same 25PS. A six-speed gearbox gets it. Provided that the 200 Duke BS6 weights 9 kg more than its predecessor BS4, expect the overall performance to decrease marginally. In India, the 200 Duke BS6 remains the most powerful 200cc motorcycle you can purchase. The KTM 200 Duke is having a new frame with a broken trellis. This frame is used on the larger 250 Duke and 390 Duke, having improved serviceability and repairing it is more affordable if you hurt it in an accident. Ground clearance has dropped 20mm and is now 155mm for the current BS6-compliant exhaust. In the shape of 43mm upside-down forks and preload-adjustable monoshock, it gets a luxury WP suspension. Braking is with radially mounted callipers and a 230mm rear disc through ByBre 300mm front disc. The tyres are now 110/70-17 front and 150/60-17 MRF REVZ units, respectively.

KTM 200 Duke 2020 Features

A halogen headlamp continues to be used by the 200 Duke, but now gets Followed DRLs. It also has an LED tail lamp and markers for LED turns. The velocity metre, tachometer, fuel gauge, real-time mileage, total fuel consumption, and average speed have been brought over and include the fully digital instrument console. While the BS4 200 Duke featured single-channel ABS, the 200 Duke BS6 was fitted with dual-channel ABS by KTM.

KTM 200 Duke 2020 Variants

Today, the KTM 200 Duke looks sharper and the same as the 250 Duke. To tell them apart, both motorcycles have been given different liveries by KTM. Even, although the 200 Duke continues to use an underbelly exhaust configuration, the 250 Duke has a side-slung exhaust. With the 200 emblem in smaller font below it, the latest KTM bike has the ‘Duke’ name over the fuel tank. It is available in two new colours: Orange Electronic and White Ceramic. There is only one version of the KTM 200 Duke BS6.

KTM 200 Duke 2020 Summary

Engine199 CC
ColoursWhite Orange
Max Power24.6 bhp @ 10,000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque19.2 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
Seat Height810 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM 200 Duke 2020

Pros of KTM 200 Duke 2020The engine has a great punch.

Attractive design that fails to age.

Is a very good handler.
Cons of KTM 200 Duke 2020The engine tends to heat up in traffic.

The firm seat which can get uncomfortable after a while.
  1. KTM 125 DUKE 2020

For the 2021 125 Duke, KTM has revised rates. It now costs Rs 1,51,507, which is more than before at Rs 1,497. KTM is giving the baby Duke the same set of updates as it provided to the Duke 200 earlier this year. That means the same bodywork you see on the 200, split-trellis base, halogen headlight and LCD instrument console. It also has a bigger 13.5-litre fuel tank that has played a role in raising the bike’s kerb weight to 159 kg (7kg heavier than before).

KTM 125 Duke 2020 Specifications

A fuel-injected liquid-cooled engine compatible with BS6 is used for the KTM 125 Duke BS6, which produces 14.95PS at 9,250rpm and 12Nm at 8000rpm. Interestingly, relative to the BS4-compliant variant, there is no decrease in power or torque. The motor is attached to a 6-speed transmission. Since it is a KTM for budget-conscious enthusiasts, a slipper clutch is absent from the motorcycle. The KTM 125 Duke BS6 is built on a frame with a trellis. It continues with the BS4-compliant variant with the same 43mm WP inverted front fork and WP rear monoshock. A 300mm front disc with a circular calliper and single-channel ABS up front and a 230mm rear disc does the brake duties.

KTM 125 Duke 2020 Features

An detailed full-LCD instrument cluster is mounted onto the KTM 125 Duke BS6. Among other info, it shows speed, tachometer readings, fuel level, clock, length, vacuum distance, and average speed. Whereas the headlamp is halogen, the markers and tail lamp are LED. It comes with a single-channel ABS as far as safety is concerned.

KTM 125 Duke 2020 Variants

The KTM 125 Duke BS6 looks pretty similar to the BS6-compliant KTM 200 Duke in design terms. A halogen headlamp, LED taillight and LED winkers earn the same sharp, mass-forward design vocabulary. A meaty tyre and underbelly exhaust compliment the streamlined tail section. The exhaust tip is finished in black and in the BS4-compliant series, even the engine cowl gets a black finish as opposed to orange, white and black graphics.

KTM 125 Duke 2020 Summary

Engine124 CC
ColoursOrange, Black, White and Electronic Orange and Ceramic White
Max Power24.6 bhp @ 10,000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque12 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
Kerb Weight159 Kg
Seat Height818 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM 125 Duke 2020

Pros of KTM 125 Duke 2020Gets several premium components.

Features one of the most powerful engines

Equipped with upside-down forks.
Cons of KTM 125 Duke 2020Uncomfortable for long rides.

Low-end torque could be better.
  1. KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020

KTM has raised the costs, including the 390 Adventure, for its entire India lineup. The Adventure 390 currently costs Rs 3,10,365, which is a Rs 4,486 climb. This makes it much more costly than the recently introduced BMW G 310 GS BS6. On a slightly different note, with the option of a pair of spoked wheels provided as part of the power part catalogue of KTM, you can now unleash the 390 Adventure’s true off-road prowess. Here’s more stuff. For the 390 Adventure, KTM will soon be selling a range of power components, including a GPS bracket, fork protectors, headlight guard, and a handlebar pad. The business is still focusing on the bike’s made-in-India luggage systems.

KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020 Specifications

Although the 390 Adventure is designed to tackle rugged terrain, the Bare 390 Duke is powered by the same 373cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces 43.5PS and 37Nm of torque. The engine operates in combination with a slipper clutch 6-speed transmission and a basic rapid shifter for the India-spec platform. The 390 Adventure features upfront WP suspension but with longer ride than the sibling, road-going. The rear monoshock also travels longer and is flexible for preload and rebound.

KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020 Features

The 390 Adventure is inspired by the KTM 790 Adventure on the concept front, which is very similar to the company’s Dakar series of motorcycles. It gets the conventional vertical split LED headlights from KTM, on top of which is a minimalist wind deflector. The cluster of instruments is identical to the one on the 390 Duke. A split seat configuration is provided for the bike. It also gets an upswept exhaust to address river crossings better.

KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020 Variants

The motorcycle is one of the Austrian manufacturer’s two small-capacity adventure motorcycles (the other being the 250 Adventure) that offer a little taste of KTM’s rich off-road DNA.

At both sides, the tubular steel trellis frame with long-travel units is suspended. In the India-spec model, the front end gets a 43mm USD fork that is not customizable. The rear cast aluminium swingarm can look similar to the one seen on the Duke 390, except on this bike it is longer. This swingarm is fitted with a rebound and preload-adjustable monoshock assembly with 177 mm rear-wheel drive. While we would have loved to see speaker rims, when it comes to practicality and expense, alloy wheels are a safer bet. For small-capacity adventure tourers like the 390 Adventure, a 19-/17-inch wheel configuration seems like the standard. These are equipped with dual-purpose tyres from Metzeler Tourance.

KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020 Summary

Engine373 CC
No of Cylinders01
ColoursWhite Orange
Max Power43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque37 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Mileage27.9 Kmpl
Seat Height855 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020

Pros of KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020Loaded with safety electronics like TCS, ABS.

Priced quite well.

Excellent touring motorcycle.
Cons of KTM 390 ADVENTURE 2020Misses out on spoke wheels.

Engine misses out on low-end torque.
  1. KTM 250 ADVENTURE 2021

In November 2020, KTM released the smallest member of its Adventure Family: the 250 Adventure. It was previously priced at Rs 2,48,256 (ex-showroom Delhi), but the new price surge has raised the ADV price to Rs 2,51,923 — an increase of Rs 3,667.

KTM 250 Adventure 2021 Specifications

A 248.8cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine drives the 250 Adventure. This is the same engine used on both the Duke 250 and the Husqvarna 250s. No change to the engine tune, 30PS and 24Nm are still churned out. The six-speed gearbox and the clutch for slip-and-assist sit untouched. At both ends, the broken tubular steel trellis structure is suspended by long-travel WP Apex suspension modules. For an adventure visitor, a 19-/17-inch alloy wheel configuration is reasonably simple. The Bybre brake systems are automatically withdrawn from the 390 Adventure.

KTM 250 Adventure 2021 Features

The 250 Adventure also gets a halogen headlamp and an LCD cluster identical to the 250 Duke—no flashy Lead headlamp or TFT dash here. The remainder of the LED lighting systems are illuminated. To power your mobile devices on the go, there’s even a 12V charging socket.

KTM 250 Adventure 2021 Variants

In the styling department of the 250 Adventure, there are no variations between its older sister, the 390 Adventure. All the same are the sharp tank extensions, tall, flat seat and long tail segment. In two colours, the 250 Adventure is available: orange/black and black/orange.

KTM 250 Adventure 2021 Summary

Engine248 CC
No of Cylinders01
ColoursOrange Black With Orange
Max Power30 PS @ 9000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque24 Nm @7500 rpm
Kerb Weight177 Kg
Seat Height855 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM 250 Adventure 2021

Pros of KTM 250 Adventure 2021Excellent seating comfort.

Loaded with features.

250cc has good top-end power.
Cons of KTM 250 Adventure 2021Can’t do hardcore off-road

Misses out on full TFT display.
  1. KTM RC 390 2020

In a new Metallic Silver colour scheme, the KTM RC 390 is now available. In May, KTM raised its flagship supersport — the RC 390 — to Rs 2,53,184 (ex-showroom Delhi) asking price. This is a sum of Rs 12,973 more than the BS4 RC 390. The BS6 RC 390 doesn’t get a bi-directional quickshifter, however, unlike the BS6 KTM 390 Duke.

KTM RC 390 2020 Specifications

The RC 390 is powered by a single-cylinder, BS6-compliant 373.3cc fuel-injected liquid-cooled engine that produces 43.5 hp at 9000rpm and 36 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The motor is paired with a 6-speed transmission supported by a slipper clutch. A trellis frame suspended on an upside-down fork and a monoshock are used in the bike’s hardware, all from WP. A single 320mm disc up front and a 230mm rear disc are used to anchor the bike. As standard, dual-channel ABS comes in. At 166.8kg, the whole kit weighs in (kerb).

KTM RC 390 2020 Features

The RC 390 comes fitted with a dual projector headlamp, LED tail light and turn signal on the front feature, an all-digital instrument console including a clock, trip metre, odometer, and empty indicator distance. An upside-down fork and a radially mounted calliper up front include other prominent features.

KTM RC 390 2020 Variants

Although the bike’s overall style remains unchanged, new black and white livery-orange highlights are obtained, where even the wheels are painted black instead of the standard orange hue. The RC 390 still looks modern and sharp despite being a 6-year-old version. KTM fans are also fascinated by its geometric interface language and supersport posture.

KTM RC 390 2020 Summary

Engine373 CC
No of Cylinders01
ColoursBlack with White and Metallic Silver
Max Power43.5 PS @ 9000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque36 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Seat Height820 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM RC 390 2020

Pros of KTM RC 390 2020Best in segment performance.

Brakes are excellent.

Very good handling.
Cons of KTM RC 390 2020Hard and uncomfortable seat.

Commited riding stance.
  1. KTM RC 200 2020

The KTM RC 200 is undergoing a significant redesign in terms of configuration and characteristics for 2021. A fresh face, a bolted-on subframe, and cool little touches would get it, which should make it a sharper motorcycle. Production of the bicycle seems to have begun at the Chakan plant and the launch is scheduled to take place by February 2021. KTM has boosted the price of the current-gen RC 200 to close the distance. It now costs Rs 2,04,096, which is Rs 3,021 more than before (ex-showroom, Delhi).

KTM RC 200 2020 Specifications

A little reliability was stolen from the 199.5cc engine, down by 0.83PS and 0.2Nm to 25PS and 19.2Nm. But it is still India’s most powerful 200cc bike today. And KTM has continued to maintain the underbelly exhaust system while meeting tougher emission requirements. The engine appears to get fuel-injection, but like the 390s, it does not have ride-by-wire. Unlike the bolt-on subframe configuration used on the Duke, the KTM signature trellis frame holding it together appears to be a single-piece unit. At both sides, the WP suspension is present – an upside-down fork and monoshock preload-adjustable. The bike is brought to a stop by ByBre disc brakes at both ends (300mm/230mm) with the assistance of dual-channel ABS. The 9.5-litre fuel tank could prove too small if you’re looking to tour long distances.

KTM RC 200 2020 Features

Unlike the TFT panel used on the 390 Duke, the RC 200 gets an LED tail-lamp and turn indications, back-lit switchgear and entirely digital instrumentation, while it is an LCD unit. Twin-projector headlights do a fine job and, similar to the BS4 bike’s single-channel setup, the BS6 variant now features dual-channel ABS.

KTM RC 200 2020 Variants

There’s not much to tell about the design: it’s the same fully-faired style that we’ve been acquainted with over the last 6 years. The graphic schemes and colour variations on display are new to the BS6 edition. The bike has a sculpted look with the twin projector headlights up front, the underbelly exhaust system and a sharp, steeply rising tail section being the highlights.

KTM RC 200 2020 Summary

Engine199 CC
No of Cylinders01
ColoursBlack and Electronic Orange
Max Power25 PS @ 10000 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque19.2 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
Seat Height835 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM RC 200 2020

Pros of KTM RC 200 2020Great motorcyle for racetrack.

Powerful and punchy engine.

Overall weight is on the lighter side.
Cons of KTM RC 200 2020Uncomfortable city ride

Small pillion seat.
  1. KTM RC 125 2020

Pay extra now for your KTM RC 125. This is the second rise in rates in a month. Now it costs Rs 1,62,566 (ex-showroom Delhi) for the KTM RC 125 — Rs 1,466 more than before. With no new features to be found on the bike, the new BS6 price is Rs 15,884 more than the BS4 motorcycle. The RC 125 was last changed by KTM with a new colour called Dark Galvano.

KTM RC 125 2020 Specifications

Despite meeting the tougher BS6 emission requirements, the KTM RC 125 BS6 delivers the same amount of power and torque as before — 14.5PS at 9,250 rpm and 12Nm at 8000 rpm. The ECU maps have been updated, but there are no noticeable improvements, and there have certainly been changes to the exhaust system, too. The liquid-cooled 125cc DOHC motor is mated to a 6-speed transmission. A single-piece steel trellis structure suspended on a WP upside-down fork and a preload-adjustable monoshock ties the RC125 together. A 300mm/230mm disc brake combo along with single-channel ABS performs braking activities. These are the most technical underpinnings in India for any 125cc bike.

KTM RC 125 2020 Features

The RC 200 gets headlights with twin-projectors, which do a fine job. Turn markers, LED tail light, back-lit switchgear, and full-digital LCD instrumentation are also on display, displaying two trip metres, fuel efficiency in real time, service reminder, and more. The single-channel ABS guarantees protection.

KTM RC 125 2020 Variants

When first released in 2014, the KTM RC design language was a little polarising, but it has evolved on us, and even on the RC 125, the now-familiar look is the same. The twin-projector headlights characterise the fascia. Thanks to its steeply rising and sharp tail segment, the RC looks like a pukka sportsbike, especially.

KTM RC 125 2020 Summary

Engine124 CC
No of Cylinders01
ColoursOrange with White and Dark Galvano
Max Power14.5 PS @ 9250 rpm
Emission TypeBS6
Gears6 Speed
Max Torque12 Nm
Seat Height835 mm

Pros And Cons of KTM RC 125 2020

Pros of KTM RC 125 2020Has a refined and potent 124cc engine.

Offers good handling.

Excellent braking setup.
Cons of KTM RC 125 2020Riding position is too aggressive for city riding.

Is pricey.

The KTM 250 ADVENTURE is a lightweight entry into KTM’s thrilling travel universe. This lightweight, strong, and agile all-rounder will keep you going long after the paved roads have finished, ideal for regular commuting and even venturing out a little further into the unknown. This bike is sporty on the tarmac and plenty of fun to ride, it then builds on the rally expertise of KTM to ensure that it is competent when the landscape gets a little rougher. The popular KTM rally bikes influenced its distinctive style, but their effect is not limited to just the design, long days in the desert show you how to combine comfort and efficiency while travelling long distances.

  1. NEW MY21 KTM 125 DUKE

The announcement of the MY21 KTM 125 Duke was announced by KTM. This all-new computer, available now at KTM dealers throughout India, has earned several updates for 2021.

The first thing to note is the latest concept inspired by the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. The design is followed by a more aggressive, sharper bodywork and a seat unit that shows more of the more sporty geometry chassis. A new, bolt-on rear subframe, a larger steel tank and steeply rising lines get this street fighter that catapults the street creds sky-high.

New MY21 KTM 125 Duke Specifications

The ergonomics were also altered, backed up by revamped rider and passenger benches, with a more dominant riding role. The petrol tank has also been redone and is now capable of storing 13.5 litres of gasoline. As a consequence of this move, improved Ergos can also be used. The 2021 KTM 125 Duke features a revised front and back WP suspension. KTM says the improved suspension system will provide riders of all styles and skills, commuting ease and corner confidence.

New MY21 KTM 125 Duke Features

The 125cc liquid cooled fuel injection engine is expected to keep fans entertained with a rated performance of 14.5bhp at 9,250rpm and a torque maximum of 12Nm at 8,000rpm.

New MY21 KTM 125 Duke Variants

The price of the KTM 125 Duke is Rs 150,010 (Ex-Showroom Delhi) and it will be available in Electronic Orange and Ceramic White in two colours.

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